Substance Abuse Disorders Are Linked With Mental Health Ones

Unfortunately at times, suffers of mental health issues can also find that their problem is linked with a substance disorder too. This is usually because those that suffer from mental health issues can turn to taking drugs to try and blot out their mental health issue, and of course because those that are taking illegal drugs become addicted to them, they cause users to get mental health problems. Disorders that are diagnosed as mental health ones are extremely similar to drug abuse because both of the problems cause some changes in the brain and the chemical balance that affects the human train of thought. About one in 4 of grown-ups that are suffering from a mental health issue, also have a substance abuse issue because they turn to self-medication as a means of being able to get away from their disorder.


Sufferers Of the Below Issues Are More Likely To Experience Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse DisordersConditions like anxiety disorders, severe depression, schizophrenia and personality disorders are all linked to substance abuse and those that suffer can easily turn to drugs as an escape route from their health issue.

How Do You Know If You Have A Substance Abuse Disorder?

You may suffer from extreme changes in behaviour such as;

·         Lack of attendance at school or work and of course a significant drop in performance levels

·         Fighting a lot and getting involved in illegal activities

·         Feeling the need to take drugs when driving and using dangerous equipment

·         Behaving suspiciously because you are hiding your addiction from others

·         Lack of appetite, or problems sleeping

·         Having a very significant change in personality and developing a very funny attitude towards certain situations.

·         Feelings of anger, and uncontrollable mood swings

·         Feeling very agitated, or getting very hyper and overly active

·         Not feeling motivated

·         Getting scared without any reason, or also getting very anxious and feeling paranoid

More Obvious Physical Changes Will Be


·         Getting red bloodshot eyes and dilating pupils

·         Losing a large amount of weight or suddenly gaining weight

·         Not taking care in your appearance at all

·         Smelling funny
Suffering from tremors and having issues speaking clearly or seeing properly


You may also have trouble doing your regular activities. Perhaps encounter issues with the law because of the times you were under the effect of substances, get financial problems and start to get problems in your relationship. This is of course because you behave differently towards your partner and family, and of course because your habit has gotten so out of control that your finances are getting affected.


Starting To Recover From Mental Health Issues Linked To Substance Abuse


Luckily it is easy to recover from the above issues once you start to seek help from a medical professional. There are a lot of support groups out there for suffers and you will be offered a lot of help when you feel that you are in a position to be treated. There are counselling groups, rehab centres and a lot of counselling and medicines on offer to help those that are dependent on a substance to shift their habits.


Please make sure to see medical advice if you or someone you know suffers from any of the above conditions. The sooner you do, the quicker you will recover.

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