Types of Personality Disorders

Personality disorders can have a huge impact on the day to day lives of those that suffer with them. They will create havoc with suffers lives, make problems at school or work, make suffers have a lot of problems with relationships and social situations.


There are 2 main types of personality disorders, both are listed in this article.



Personality DisordersNo1- Antisocial Personality Disorder– This is a severe personality disorder that sees suffers with a long history to manipulate people, exploit people that they interact with, and generally violate the rights of people. Most of the time the behaviour that suffers display is in fact criminal and if picked up on by the police, could result in having to serve time in prison. The thing that causes this is not really completely know, although medical professionals believe that is could very well be down to the suffer being abused as a child, having parents that were alcoholics, and generally coming from disturbed background. However, this is not always the case as some suffers come from a good home life and suffer with the disorder. A lot of prisoners in UK correction facilities are known to suffer with this disorder. Some doctor’s think that psychopathy is in fact the very same disorder and others think that it is a more severe form of this. Those that suffer with the issue may be very cool and calm, when they are getting what they want! Can smile, and charm like a snake, they can manipulate people’s emotions. Constantly break the UK law, not feel about others at all, abuse substances, steal things, tell regular lies, and get into fights a lot. No matter what they do, they will never feel as though they did something wrong, or feel sorry for those that they affected with their bad behaviour. Most of the time suffers will be arrogant to the extreme, and very aggressively angry.


Borderline Personality Disorder


This is a very serious health condition where the sufferer has periods of very unstable emotions that last for a long time. They seem to react very strangely to situations that they are faced with, and have very funny relationships with others around them.  Suffers have described it almost as if they have inner chaos, with an impulse to do something to people around them. It can be caused by situations, genetics and the main cause is not really known to medical professionals.


Suffers can feel like they are wanting to copy someone one day, and admire them and love everything about them, then the next, out of the blue hate them and just stop having a relationship altogether. It is known that people that have problems with parents abandoning them and have lived a poor life with no communication can suffer from this. It can get triggered at any age and suffers are very unpredictable. They can quite literally change themselves from one day to the next! It can be treated with the correct help and of course counselling. It can of course create big problems with relationships because people that get close to suffers of course notice that the person they befriended changes like Jekel and Hyde Also, because the sufferer suddenly starts to hate their once friend, because their other personality doesn’t like them!


Mental health issues are very common in the UK. Please make sure to seek medical advice if you suffer from one.

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