Signs to Look For That Can Signal Mental Health Problems

Mental health issues can vary from person to person, and the signs and symptoms will always be different. This article offers a rough guide to what can be expected and signs that should be looked out for to help define if you or someone that you love is suffering from mental health problems. In short mental health effects that way that you think, behave and of course your moods. Below are common problems experienced by those that are suffering with mental health problems.


Eating Disorders

Mental Health SignsIf the way that you think about food starts to change, and you start to feel fat, or feel the need to lose weight, and start looking at yourself in the mirror feeling inadequate. And as a result change your eating habits to either eat too much so that you can induce vomiting, or eating so less that you are in effect starving yourself then you may be suffering from anorexia or bulimia. Such eating disorders start to take place when your mental health is not up to par, and you start to feel unaccepted in society, like a social outcast.

Feelings of Anxiety

If you are very anxious in certain situations you will usually fear certain things and dread having to participate in them. You could start to get agitated when things do not go your way, if things are moved, changed, this is of course OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) Having phobia of things like germs, animals, smells, perhaps panicking when you have to go to certain places or starting to feel as though you are encaged when in crowded areas. There are many types of mental health problems that involve anxiety. All of which can be treated once you start to recognise them and acknowledge that they are there.

Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Having negative thoughts and feeling stressed, or not able to cope with life unless you take drugs or drink alcohol are all signals that you have mental health problems.

Mood Problems

This can include feeling sad for long periods of time, feeling very happy and then all of a sudden dropping to rock bottom and feeling very sad, getting depressed, inflicting self-harm upon yourself , or feeling off in different seasons there are many types of disorders that are associated to moods and that can all be treated with ease when addressed.

Changes in personality (personality disorders)

This is a complex matter because people have problems in day to day life because of their personality issues, people may not be able to interact in a social environment, perhaps not able to adapt to school, work or other places. These are all indications that a personality disorder is present.

Psychotic Problems

These can come about with hallucinations, having delusional thoughts and visions and of course being schizophrenic. This can be when you think or see things that are not really there. This is of course a more severe and dangerous type of psychotic problem.

Suicidal Thoughts

Thinking of killing yourself, putting an end to your metal health problems by inflicting pain on yourself.

All of the above symptoms indicate a mental health problem may be present, make sure to address it sooner rather than later. You need to believe in yourself and learn to cope with stressful situations with a more positive attitude.


If you or anyone you know are suffering with any of the above symptoms, make sure to seek medical advice.

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