Types of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders affect a lot of the population and are one of the more common types of mental health issues around. Suffers have problems with controlling their emotions and develop a very bad attitude towards food. This article lists some of the common eating disorders that are around.


Eating DisordersAnorexia Nervosa– This is a terrible disorder that makes people to lose weight out of fear of being fat. Those that suffer from the disorder will feel fat all the time. They will fear getting fatter, watch their diet with stringent eyes, and skip meals. When this disorder gets very bad some suffers will find that they eat a very limited amount of food, like sticking to apples and may convince themselves that a certain type of food is safe to eat, so as not to gain weight. Calorie counting will become a normal part of daily life and of course once the disorder is in control of the sufferer, women will see that their monthly periods will stop as the body is no longer able to correctly function because of the low calorie intake that they are abusing their bodies with. It may take a while to get diagnosed with the disorder, usually because suffers are very reluctant to seek medical help and are in denial that there is anything wrong with them. It is usually a loved one that addresses the issue. It is very common amongst teenagers.


Binge Eating- This is an eating disorder where suffers eat a lot more than they should do. They do this in a very short period of time, and then are not be able to control their eating habits. In one sitting of binge eating a sufferer can eat anything between five thousand to fifteen thousand calories. Aside from eating the daily recommended three meals, a binge eater will constantly snack throughout the day. He or she will become very fat, if they do not regurgitate the food that is consumed, or, of course very thin if they choose to force themselves to be sick after eating so, much. Suffers can also take laxatives to relieve themselves from their binge eating fest. It is more common in women, than men and anyone can be affected, regardless of age.


Bulimia – Another form of binge eating, although this time sufferers will eat and then force themselves to vomit. He or she may be unaware that they have a very bad eating problem, and those that are aware will hide and eat in secret. Those that suffer with bulimia will find that they have a tendency to purchase large amounts of fatty foods like crisps; chocolates etc in the shop, and then eat it all at once. They will then resort to purging (making themselves sick); taking laxatives, or going out of their way to exercise to burn the calories off and ensure that they do not gain weight. Usually suffers of bulimia are not really skinny, and are able to maintain a normal weight, but just feel fat because of their problem. Therefore it is harder to pick up on and those that have the disorder usually only alert someone when they start to realise that they need help.


Eating disorders are very complex and if you think that you or someone you know may be suffering with one, it is very important that you seek medical advice as soon as possible.


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