Privacy Policy

The below text is a privacy policy that has been put together to clearly mark all of the privacy matters on our website. Should you have any questions, suggestions or comments that you feel need to be raised, please do not hesitate the contact us.
Here at ( we never collect any of your personal date, like email address, phone number, or of course postal address or name. Any information that you wish to disclose will of course be done so voluntarily at your own discretion, should you choose to email us or comment further. We take all privacy of visitors extremely seriously and know the importance of visitors being able to read the information displayed here with complete privacy.
If you should choose to share anything with us, it will never be shared with a third party, we do not sell data. The software that we use here does not make any attempt to trace your IP to your address, and we do not have any intention to link information for anyone that chooses to visit our site. The content that is displayed here is solely for informational purposes, and we have no interest with data whatsoever.
Here at ( we do not have any cookies onsite to trace visits, if we should change this though we will update the policy, ensuing that visitors are well informed.
At any time we have the right to change the above privacy policy. Thank you for taking the time to read this document.

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